Intensive Aqua Purezza Exfoliant Peeling 去角質髮膜

Intensive Aqua Purezza Exfoliant Peeling 去角質髮膜


Normalizes cell replacement by eliminating excess layers. Eliminate impurities from skin and hair. Soothing and dermoprotective action.


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BENEFITS: Normalises the cell renewal and eliminates excessive cells. Provides an effective keratolytic and anti-microbial action. The micro-spheres dissolve by massaging gently, and release the trapped vitamins which act directly on the cutis.


  • ZINC PCA: regulates the skin’s enzymatic system.
  • MICRO-SPHERES CONTAINING VITAMINS: contain a vast range of hydrating vitamins (E, A, B3, pro vitamin B5), with a peeling action in combination with the alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs).
  • AHAS-ALPHA HYDROXY ACIDS: fruit acid extracts with a peeling action, to eliminate skin and capillary fibre impurities.
  • ALLANTOIN: soothing and dermo-protective.
  • SPRUCE: rich in lignans, spruce has been proven to be highly effective as an antimicrobial agent, with significant antioxidant and anti free radical properties. A natural antimicrobial agent and anti-inflammatory.
  • SALICYLIC ACID: improves cell renewal.

How to use: Take out the required quantity using the spatula. Before washing with dried hair, distribute on the scalp with the brush. Gently massage to ensure the distribution. Recommended application time: 5 minutes. Emulsify with just a bit of shampoo and rinse delicately.

功效: 使細胞更新回復正常並消除多餘細胞,提供有效的角質層分離和抗菌作用。經輕輕按摩後,微球溶解,並釋放出維他命,對真皮起直接作用。


  • 鋅PCA : 調節皮膚的酶系統。
  • 維他命微球: 包含各種各樣保濕的維他命(E、A, B3,維他命原B5),與果酸(AHAs)一同起煥膚作用。
  • AHAS-果酸: 有煥膚作用,消滅皮膚和血絲纖維雜質。
  • 尿囊素:鎮靜和保護皮膚。
  • 雲杉: 富有木酚素,雲杉已被證明為一個高效抗菌劑,有顯著抗氧化和抗自由基作用。是一種天然抗菌劑和抗炎藥。
  • 水楊酸: 改善細胞更新。

使用方法: 在洗頭前,先取出適量髮膜,直接搽上頭皮,輕輕按摩以確保分佈均勻,待5分鐘後與洗髮露沖洗。

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