Intensive Aqua Relax Dermo-Calming Soothing Treatment 舒緩頭皮護理


Hydrates deeply by restoring the correct hydro-lipid balance. Soothes irritated skin. Relieves redness caused by weather, stress or over-aggressive treatments.


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Benefits: Hydrates in-depth and restores the correct hydrolipidic balance. Soothes irritated scalps and irritation from atmospheric agents, stress or too aggressive treatments.


  • ALLANTOIN: soothing and dermo-protective.
  • VALINE-BETAINE: hydrates the skin and hair cuticle. Energizes and restores the skin’s correct metabolism.

How to use: Apply directly from the bottle. Gently massage to ensure the distribution. Do not rinse.

功效: 深層保濕及恢復正確的皮脂平衡。可紓緩已受刺激的頭皮及外界壓力或者太強烈的護理所造成的刺激。


  • 尿囊素-鎮靜和保護皮膚。
  • 纈氨酸-三甲基甘氨酸:為皮膚和頭皮保濕,加強皮膚彈性並恢復正確的新陳代謝。

使用方法: 直接搽上頭皮,輕輕按摩,不用沖洗。

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